Project Definitions

A project is anything I want to build that will take a non-trivial amount of time. Each project must have:

  • a name
  • a (preferably quippy) aim/goal
  • some sort of documentation – either on my blog, my wiki, or a README
  • a status

Status Options

Idea – an idea for a future project, maybe some research or links, nothing significant started yet; only for things that I realistically might complete

In Progress – a project I am actively working on and intend to finish

Indefinite Hiatus – a project I started and have a non-trivial amount completed but probably will not ever fulfill the entire idea

Completed – a project that is done. Dead in the water. Sold as is, no refunds, no exchanges.

Maintained – a project that is done but still needs to be updated, checked on, fixed when broken, etc.

Ruled Out – a project that didn’t work out, an idea that was too impractical or time-consuming; I don’t want to delete it but I’m not really going to do anything about it